Monday 26 Jun 2017
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Hong Kong Vegan Association

Go Green Be Vegan

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Hong Kong Vegan Society

Hong Kong Vegan Society

Established on 29 July 2000 

Nowaways, more and more people on earth quit meat diet and choose another way of life by not eating food containing fish, meat, eggs, dairy foods; even household items are also free of animal ingredients or animal testing.

In recent years, the issue of global warming sweeping the globe, governments are all on this issue a big headache for people to make a personal contribution to climate expert advice to low-carbon diet to help emissions, the government has a number of countries sure, and started to promote public education.

(Vegan) This term in Hong Kong society has inadvertently become a fashion label, the senior department stores also sell goods deliberately label materials, to provide 'vegan' food service restaurants have joined the ranks.

Those people who choose Vegan lifestyle besides for health issues, most people are out of compassion for animals and environment of our planet earth. While majority of humans still regard animals are food, they also have been ignoring the pain and sorrow of feeling that are not able to be expressed by animals in words, even when the animals are just about to be slaughtered, the despair and cries at that moment are not seen by a lot of people during their lifetime. Vegan lifestyle should be perfectly uncontroversial for the merciful and compassionate for they care for animals’ feeling.

Founder of Hong Kong Vegan Society, Dr John Wedderburn hoping to cope with people who are compassionate and like-minded friends to promote vegan as a noble lifestyle in town.  Even after so many years, he still insists actively practicing for the well-being of animals and human.

Following the establishment of Hong Kong Vegetarian Society in 1994, in 1996, John started the establishment of Hong Kong Vegan Society with a group of students from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, ‘Vegan’ seed was planted in the piece of land. Subsequent years, there have been different participants helping with the growing of this Society non-stop. Especially recent years a number of seminars and workshops were organized jointly with the Hong Kong Vegan Association.   These activities aimed at providing environmental and health information to those who are ready to change their diet. Every Monday, there are dinner gathering take turn at different restaurants in Hong Kong to address the Meatfree Monday for promoting low-carbon diet to curb global warming, and now it has become a famous a platform for low-carbon diet activities in Hong Kong.


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